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The Complete Solutions Team!

We provide expert guidance and support for your growing business on both short term and long term projects. Our clients set the expectations, demand the best and we perform beyond. We are results driven.  

Your success is our success!

Guidance & Support

Guidance & Support

The Van Group provides guidance, with a clear path to take your company to each new level. We will advise and provide support each step of the way, so your company can achieve  successful heights. The Van Wie Group has over 25 years experience combined with knowledge and professionalism in helping businesses reach their full potential.


What We Do

Our consulting firm specializes in Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media.  We also combine the traditional creative marketing and advertising venues, as we are a full service firm. We will help enable your staff to maximize their potential in contributing to the overall company growth. We will assist you will the traditional forms of marketing, advertising, printing, and website development.
Your company is not on this path alone, we are there for you, small or large projects and short term or long term projects.


The Path

The Van Wie Group will provide your company with a clear path, in which your business can reach it’s full growth potential.  We will guide, advise, support and teach your company how to market, advertise, and utilize social media to effectively help your company to success. We will show you how to maximize your marketing and advertising efforts and dollars to obtain the most benefits.



Most importantly – We listen to you, the client, and take into account your expectations and needs.

We keep you updated on a regular basis, as to the progress. You, the client are the most important person to us.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.  We all have 24 hour days.”  -Zig Ziglar


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