Promotional Products

8 Quick Tips About Promotional Products

Promotional products are called by many terms such as swag, business gifts, dealer incentives, advertising specialties, and various other references.  

What are promotional products really?  They are a form of advertising about your company that your sales staff leaves with a client or a potential and it reminds that client of your company long after your sales representative has left the client’s building.

Promotional products can be useful or a source of amusement, but they are for the simple purpose of advertising your company to a client or potential client.  It is just a matter of your goals that you want to accomplish with the promotional products that your sales staff is handing out.  Promotional products can range from inexpensive to very expensive, effective or not so effective, they can be used as a tool to get past the gatekeeper or to serve as a gift when your sales staff is meeting with a potential client.  It is human nature that we like to receive gifts and a business call is no different – give a gift.

When using promotional products as part of your company’s marketing strategy you need to keep in mind 8 tips.

1. Budget for promotional products within your company’s overall marketing strategy.
2. What are you trying to accomplish with the promotional product.
3. Do you want it to be useful or a conversational piece?
4. Make the promotional product is an item that will the person receiving the promotional product will want to keep on their desk or close by.
5. Do you want a promotional product that will filter through the entire office?
6. Take into account of the shelf life of that promotional product item.  Meaning do you want it to deplete frequently, so your sales staff will have a reason to meet with the client again to bring
in a 
new “gift”.
7. Make sure there is ample space on the promotional product for your company’s logo and it is readable.
8. Promotional products should be unique, as they promote your company image a and create and awareness.

Promotional products are great for generating sales leads, in which they are very effective in getting information about your company in the hands of potential clients and your sales staff never walks in empty handed to make that sales call.  Give a gift with your company logo and it will surely bring a smile to your client or potential client.

Happy promoting!

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