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Lynda Van Wie, visionary founder of The Van Wie Group, has been helping businesses to brand and successfully market for over 25 years. Working with a broad spectrum of clients on both a local and national scale, Lynda Van Wie has created high impact company images, reached beyond immediate target markets, worked with visionaries of many corporations, coordinated with in-house marketing teams, while aligning to the mission statement and philosophy of each client.

The Van Wie Group
 is a branding and marketing consulting firm.  Branding is your business’s personality / identity, which weaves through everything in your business world, which influences decisions of businesses and consumers. As a marketing consultants we help you to make the best and most effective use of your marketing budget to reach your target audience. We help you define your company goals, target market, core values, products and services offered by your company.  Then a marketing plan is structured, implemented and monitored to get you on the road to success with just the right blend of branding and strategic marketing.

With The Van Wie Group clients are updated and supported with essential resources to take them from start-up to multi-million dollar enterprises. From branding to marketing campaign strategies, concepts begin with our clients and are brought to life. From the conventional to the unconventional we listen to our clients needs and turn those ideas into so much more and help to put them on the path to success.

The Van Wie Group achieves excellence as a direct result of keeping up with market trends, continuing to be plugged in with modern technology, focusing on positive customer relations, and only producing the highest quality of products and services.  Our clients always receive timely and cost effective project management, design and branding distinction in addition to rapid production and response times.

A successful company is only as great as their branding allows them to be through effective marketing and by choosing The Van Wie Group you have taken the right step toward success.

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