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With so many options it can be quite confusing as to which direction to take.  You are busy trying to keep up with the day to day operations of just running your business.  That is a lot of hats you are trying to wear each each day and get a clear direction and make sense of all of it, so your business will be successful.  At the end of the day, you are worn out, exhausted and still don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, you are trying to go fast, but spinning your wheels.  You lack direction, as you are wearing too many hats and wasting valuable company resources.

Businesses HIRE a consulting firm with the knowledge and expertise, when they need a job done correctly.

We provide branding and marketing consulting services to help your business move forward on both short and long term projects. Our focus is solely on the objective and not the daily operations of your business; therefore, you and your staff have more time to focus on daily business operations. Companies turn to branding and marketing consulting firms to avoid hiring additional marketing staff, as it saves company resources. The Van Wie Group will get you on an efficient and effective path, so that when you hire additional staff they are needed and their services will be utilized effectively.  The Van Wie Group Has over 25 years of experience in helping companies like yours succeed.

Benefits of utilizing our consulting and management services…

  • Consulting offers flexibility to get you back on track, identify problems within your current marketing efforts, train your current staff on an as needed basis for your short or long term projects.
  • We manage and consult on all marketing, branding, printing, design, and advertising which create uniformity and continuity in your company’s branding efforts. This allows your company resources to best utilized in your company’s growth and success.
  • Our experienced consultants analyze current marketing efforts within your company and provide guidance on needed improvement and a strategic plan.
  • Clients have the choice to either have our team of experts train their employees or have us manage all or partial segments of their marketing.
  • With the many challenges companies face in order to grow their business, our firm takes the burden of managing a company’s marketing, branding, and company image allowing a business to focus on other areas within their company.
  • As an independent firm we bring balance to companies enabling them to make better decisions based on facts, logic, and statistics instead of basing decisions on trial and error or emotion.
  • Both consulting and management services are tailored to the needs of every business, whether it is short term guidance and direction or full time continued management of training, projects, campaigns, branding.
  • Operating a business is difficult on many levels, but with the right guidance, support, tools, knowledge, and the expertise of a professional branding and marketing consulting team backing your business, expanding has never been easier.


We define your company goals, core values, products and services offered. Along with what your company wants to achieve in short term, mid range and long term goals.


Our services are catered to your specific company needs. We offer an abundance of services that will fit most any client’s needs. “We work with clients who want to target consumers on a local, national, and global level.”


We are knowledgeable in online and offline advertising. We are concerned with “Quality” not “Quantity”. We know the path and strategy to best guide your business to success.


We provide a clear and concise path to take your company to the next level, through a creative and strategic marketing plan. Now you can manage your company effectively and efficiently.



Our clients set the expectations, demand the best and we perform beyond, we are results driven.



We provide expert guidance and support for your growing business on both short term and long term projects.  You are not alone, we are there for you.

Your success is our success!


The Power of Partnership Makes Unreachable Goals
Reachable & Impossibilities become Possible!
~ Jeffrey S. Smith ~

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