2016 Happy New Year

Looking back on life, there have been doors that have closed on us.

By this I mean, during our lives we have wanted something really bad, whether it was a vacation, a job promotion, a new car, etc., but for one reason or another it didn’t come to fruition.  We were upset, disappointed or even angry and could not figure out why this is happening.  We searched within ourselves trying to figure this out.  It looked like everything was going great and at the time of that want or desire came into our mind, it seemed as if there were no reasons why we couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t get that job promotion, new car, dream vacation, or whatever it was that we wanted so bad, that we felt if we didn’t have it or get, things would never perfect without it.

Then “Poof”, the door closed…..  That job promotion didn’t come through and someone that was less qualified got the promotion, you couldn’t take that dream vacation due to circumstances, the dealership didn’t have the color of that car you wanted and it was going to be six months until it was in stock, but regardless of the item, the want or desire you were hoping for so desperately didn’t happen.  All of us have experienced this in our lives. Instead of dwelling on the door or doors that closed and trying to figure out why it didn’t happen, look at this as a positive and know that better things are going to happen.

I am not saying that because a particular door closed, to just give up and not try to achieve it, but instead keep trying.  What I mean by this, let’s take the job promotion as an example.  You know that you met every qualification and you were the best qualified out of your coworkers to have this promotion, but you didn’t get the promotion.  I am saying, don’t give up and keep trying for a promotion, as maybe the supervisor that decided to give the promotion to the coworker felt you would do better in another position.  This new position is better for your career advancement, more pay and more recognition.  Maybe the original dream vacation you were planning on taking couldn’t happen, as it was going to cost more than originally thought and you couldn’t afford it.  The positive from this example is the better job promotion now affords you that dream vacation and opens new doors with a lot more opportunities in your future.  Closed doors bring new positives.

Never give up!  Adopt the philosophy that when doors close, be thankful and know that something better is coming.

So, as we jet into 2016, carry this attitude and know that with closed doors, are better things are to come.

2016 bring life on!


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